“Georama” Reviews & Acclaim

Georama stars Winnipeg’s Kevin P. Gabel and Mandi Maxwell as best buds at odds over a disagreement that threatens the future of their lifelong friendship. So they turn to the audience to clarify their differing version of events.

The story unfolds in a whirlwind of a show that is bound to move you. The pace is fast and emotions are high. The quick-witted wordplay in Jackie Torrens’ script demands a lot from the actors.

Anger rises early on between the characters, and the intensity does not waver throughout the show. At times, it can feel like it’s been too intense for too long. In fact, at one point the characters acknowledge that they need a break and head offstage, though the break lasts less than a minute.

But both Maxwell and Gabel shine onstage, with strong performances and a command of the swiftly moving dialogue. They have a chemistry between them, and serious acting chops in their own right.”

– Rosie Fernandez, CBC

Given 3 stars, but sure sounds like a ★★★★ star review!


“I get the impression that this is something of a passion project for cast members Kevin P. Gabel and Mandi Maxwell, and I think the passion really works in this piece.”

“In their performance, I sensed a very genuine connection … drawing from real love, hurt feelings, and moments of vulnerability.”

“…It’s great that these two artists found a (relatively) new Canadian piece that spoke to them, and that they could really tap into.”

“…I’ve seen plenty of Fringe shows written, directed, produced, and sometimes starring the same person or small group of people, yielding some not-so-great results. Without knowing what their creative process was, it seems as though Maxwell and Gabel found a highly capable director in Arne MacPherson who was able to help effectively channel their passion for this piece. I think that this small team has managed to walk the really difficult line of creating a piece that speaks to them while maintaining the right amount of distance from it.”

– Sarah Siddiqui
Mooney on Theatre, Toronto

[No star rating system]


Endearing, thought-provoking piece on nature vs. nurture and what privilege means.”
– Chloé Hung
AnOther Theatre Company, Toronto

Provocative play from the mind of one Jackie Torrens. If you’re out doing fringe type things … check it out.”
– Eddy Boxty


Georama is now playing at the 2015 Winnipeg Fringe Festival from now until July 25th! Only 7 performances left, then it’s off to the Edmonton Fringe!

Tickets can be purchased online, or at the door of the Son of Warehouse (140 Rupert Ave) 15 minutes after the start of the previous show.


What Is “Georama”?

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Georama begins and ends with two people: a man named Hal and a woman named Sal. They’ve been best friends for twenty years, and know each other so well they can finish each other’s sentences. Since they met in grade one, their lives have followed very different trajectories — Hal is wealthy, successful, and full of optimism about the world, while the disillusioned Sal is struggling to make ends meet and stay one step ahead of the neighbourhood kids throwing rocks at her head. Despite their differences, though, their friendship is solid and nothing could ever, ever change that!

Or so they think.

A moment of discovery turns Hal and Sal’s lives upside down, pitting them against each other and threatening their lifelong relationship. Now, in front of a theatre full of strangers, they face off in a “debate” that slowly loses its objectivity as their buried issues and resentments rise to the surface.

What makes a person who they are? Nature or nurture? Hal attributes his success to his hard work and “winning attitude” while Sal believes it’s because of his upbringing in a wealthy family. Does a person’s identity come from the opportunities they’re given at birth or from what they decide to do with the hand they’ve been dealt? As the two friends set up an intricately detailed “hypothetical situation” to answer this question, two things become abundantly clear:

1. There’s a lot more at stake for these two than an academic debate.

2. It’s really hard to win an argument against someone who knows about the time you peed your pants at the bank.

Thought provoking, mysterious, and laugh-out-loud hilarious, Georama delivers a compelling story that will leave audiences ruminating long after it’s over.

Georama will be playing this summer at the 2015 Toronto, Winnipeg and Edmonton Fringe Festivals.

2015 Canadian Fringe Festival Tour

Empty Sea Company & Invincible Emu Productions are proud to announce the 2015 Canadian Fringe Festival tour of Georama, a comedy by Canadian playwright Jackie Torrens.

“Two best friends with vastly different worldviews, one from the wrong side of the tracks and one from the right side, make a discovery that could change their friendship forever … so naturally they decide to hash it out in front of a theatre full of strangers.”

Toronto Fringe: July 1st – 12th
Winnipeg Fringe: July 15th – 26th
Edmonton Fringe: August 13th – 23rd

Specific show times, venue, ticket prices and all other info can be found by clicking above!

Fringe 2015

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that Invincible Emu Productions & Empty Sea Company have been drawn in the 2015 Toronto, Winnipeg and Edmonton Fringe festival lotteries! My close friend Kevin P. Gabel (Undress Me, Winnipeg & Calgary Fringe 2014) and I will be co-producing and performing in a show together, though as we are currently in the process of obtaining the rights and signing the contract for the show we would like to do, so we will be announcing the show and more details shortly!


Whoop! There it is!

Exciting times here at Invincible Emu!

For the last few years, I’ve been touring with a Canadian musical theatre company, as well as doing a variety of other projects that I was cast in along the way. Finding the time to produce was proving difficult. It was only in the last two weeks of the last run that I put on my producer pants and produced You Asked, a short comedy about the question “How are you?” and how it is simply a cultural greeting and not a genuine question.

The film has just been released on YouTube! You can watch it here!

As for what’s next, over the course of my tour, I did a lot of writing. I’m hoping to get at least one of them off the ground sometime in the near future, but, you know, money. #amirite? (Hashtags are still cool? Right?)

Keep checking back for updates!




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