What Is “Georama”?

Georama Poster - Logo - Small

Georama begins and ends with two people: a man named Hal and a woman named Sal. They’ve been best friends for twenty years, and know each other so well they can finish each other’s sentences. Since they met in grade one, their lives have followed very different trajectories — Hal is wealthy, successful, and full of optimism about the world, while the disillusioned Sal is struggling to make ends meet and stay one step ahead of the neighbourhood kids throwing rocks at her head. Despite their differences, though, their friendship is solid and nothing could ever, ever change that!

Or so they think.

A moment of discovery turns Hal and Sal’s lives upside down, pitting them against each other and threatening their lifelong relationship. Now, in front of a theatre full of strangers, they face off in a “debate” that slowly loses its objectivity as their buried issues and resentments rise to the surface.

What makes a person who they are? Nature or nurture? Hal attributes his success to his hard work and “winning attitude” while Sal believes it’s because of his upbringing in a wealthy family. Does a person’s identity come from the opportunities they’re given at birth or from what they decide to do with the hand they’ve been dealt? As the two friends set up an intricately detailed “hypothetical situation” to answer this question, two things become abundantly clear:

1. There’s a lot more at stake for these two than an academic debate.

2. It’s really hard to win an argument against someone who knows about the time you peed your pants at the bank.

Thought provoking, mysterious, and laugh-out-loud hilarious, Georama delivers a compelling story that will leave audiences ruminating long after it’s over.

Georama will be playing this summer at the 2015 Toronto, Winnipeg and Edmonton Fringe Festivals.