Invincible Emu Productions is an independent production company based both in Winnipeg and in Calgary. It was founded by Mandi Maxwell in 2010 and is currently in pre-production for a 2015 Canadian Fringe tour!


The name “Invincible Emu” comes from something close to Mandi’s heart; she didn’t have the easiest time in grade school, as bullying tended to be a prominent quandary. It all started at École Margaret-Underhill, an elementary school in the bowels of Transcona, Winnipeg. The initials of the school were EMU, with an emu as the mascot. Through those years, she began to build herself a shiny helmet to block desecration of the mind, as well as a shiny shield that helped protect any damage aimed at the heart. Now, years later, she’s all geared up, ready to take on the world invincible to batter and pummel!


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